: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

February 10, 2019


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Have You Ever Thought To Yourself Why You Or The People You Know Buy Expensive Items

In this article you will get to have a better understanding of why people buy expensive items or luxury brands or as the Germans call it Luxus-Marken, despite having cheaper options. This idea may not have been thought of by many which make it all the more reason for you to learn it.

Researchers have done a lot of studies in order to solve this question. The study of French philosopher Pierre Bourdieu in 1979 indicated that purchasing Luxus-Marken is a part of our social conditioning. By choosing to purchase Luxus-Marken, we are able to communicate to everyone we know that we have a different class or distinction from them. Find out more about it in this website.

They possess meanings to each of us. Every purchase that we make, even the places we visit all have a symbolic meaning. For example, you may give it as a gift in celebration of your wedding anniversary.

Many believe that luxury items have a longer lifespan than cheaper items. You are paying for the quality of the item itself making it a better option than its cheaper counterparts. To elaborate, you have the freedom to choose between a cheap bag from a luxury bag but with a luxury bag you will be ensured that it would last longer.

Luxury brands have more unique designs. Fashion conscious individuals are able to make a more distinctive persona wearing luxury brands. By having an expensive dress, you are able to stand out more in a party or the risk of running into someone wearing the same dress is unlikely.

Another study from researchers Hudders and Pandelaere showed that women tend to purchase luxury brands to boost their self-esteem and status. Another thing that was discovered from their study was the fact that women purchase luxury brands in order for their man not to get stolen. For more information about it go here!

By purchasing luxury brands, we are able to give ourselves a reward. After saving up and working hard, we are able to enjoy the benefits of owning these expensive goods. Many of us are able to give ourselves this trophy since luxury brands are now made more accessible on the internet. If you have been eyeing a particular item for months, saving for it and enjoying its benefits in the end is worth the price you paid.

You will be ensured that what you will be purchasing is not a fake and is safe for you. A good example is cosmetic products from luxury brands. You will be ensured that it was made from non-hazardous chemicals or materials. This is due to the reason that luxury brands are made through years of constant research and experiment. Cheaper brands may not provide you with this assurance.

Lastly, depending on your culture or background you may have a different reason as to why you purchase a luxury brand. One study indicated that Germans and Italians purchase luxury brands since they value quality standards over prestige. While Americans claim it to be a self-fulfillment.

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