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February 10, 2019


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Ways On How You Can Help Your Employees Quit Smoking

A large number of people across the world have been addicted to smoking something that has made it a great problem across the whole world. It is important to understand that smoking also greatly declines the productivity of many businesses across the world something that has had an impacts to many economies across the world. The productivity of the businesses and many jobs is affected as a result of absenteeism from any worker whose health has been deteriorated by smoking.

Different employers across the world have taken different measures to curb smoking. Some employers have been able to curb smoking in their business organizations by banning the employees from smoking while at work. The other way through which you can prevent smoking in your place of work is by creating a designated smoking area for those who smoke. Some other employers have also decided to take the role of helping their employees quit the smoking habit. Compared to the other first two approaches of curbing smoking in your place of work, helping your employees quit smoking is the best way to deal with smoking in your organization. As an employer, there are so many tactics of helping your workers quit smoking and quit it for good. Some of the top tips on how you can help the workers in your workplace stop smoking are discussed below.

It is important to ensure that you create awareness about the dangers that come with smoking to the smokers health as this is one of the ways through which you can help your employees stop the habit of smoking. Smoking puts one at great risk of being affected by either lung cancer or even brain cancer something that has led to the death of many smokers over the last few years. The other health danger that comes with smoking is a decline in the strength of the smokers immune system. It is important to at least make sure that health experts come in your organization to educate the workers about the dangers of smoking as well as allowing the employees to ask various questions they feel like. The other tip for helping the employees stop smoking is by encouraging them to start vaping.

Vaping does not produce second hand smoke like smoking and thus the reason why it is greatly encouraged. To facilitate and encourage smoking in your place of work, you can buy vaping products for your workers. You can help your employees quit smoking by offering them relevant incentives if they stop smoking. It is important to also care for the smoking employees who cannot afford the smoking treatment and this is by insuring them with tobacco cessation coverage.